Pickled Plushies

The Pickled People
The Pickled People

Where it All Began:

The Pickled Plushies Story

By Justin, our Founder

Ah, the magic of Grandma’s house in Klamath Falls, Oregon, is something I’ll always treasure. It was a place of snowy adventures, delicious pancake breakfasts, and never-ending games of cards and dice—pure childhood bliss!

I’m not quite sure how old I was during those visits—somewhere between a tiny tot and a know-it-all grade schooler. One constant of those trips was my sleeping arrangement: the old, comfy couch in the living room. And that’s where this enchanting tale unfolds.

Perched on a shelf within my cozy view was a curious glass jar, once home to Kraft Marshmallow Creme but now hosting a collection of the silliest stuffed faces you could imagine. These little characters, all stitched up with big, bouncy googly eyes, sat under a label that read “The Pickled People.”

Grandma had a knack for storytelling, and according to her, The Pickled People were night wanderers. She playfully warned that if I peeked at them after bedtime, they’d jump out and dance around, causing all sorts of light-hearted mischief.

After Grandma passed and her house was sold, the jar and its whimsical inhabitants came to live with me. Unlike the slightly spooky stories Grandma used, with my kids, The Pickled People were nothing but a source of giggles and fun.

Inspired by those joyful memories, I decided to share the magic by creating “The Pickled Plushies.” They’re not just toys; they’re a piece of my heart, a fragment of those golden days at Grandma’s, meant to bring smiles to faces young and old.

From my whimsical family story to your home, I hope The Pickled Plushies sprinkle a little bit of childhood wonder wherever they go!